wingsonthemoon asked:

Hi! I don't know if you've already talked about it but I would like to know your opinion about the imminent arrival of Will Scarlet on the next season of OUAT! Are you for or against it? And lastly, what do you think this will mean for Red Knave?

vickyvicarious answered:

I’ve discussed this before actually, but I’m too lazy to go back and find where so answer here.

On the one hand, I love the thought of Will interacting with the main cast especially Hook. And I love Will a lot on his own merits, so seeing more of him would be fun… BUT.

His story has been told. It’s done. He’s got his happy ending. Furthermore, Will’s only link to the main cast is a tenuous connection through Robin, and they didn’t exactly part on good terms. There’s really no reason for Will to be a part of the main action, when he’s already got everything in Wonderland.

And that’s where Red Knave comes in. Will loves Anastasia - it’s True Love in fact. He’s finally with her, they’re to all indications married and ruling Wonderland together as White Queen and King. Why THE HECK would Will come on to the main show without Ana? It makes absolutely no sense to me, especially since Ana is hardly likely to let him out of her sight for long now that she’s finally got him back (did you see how clingy she was in the wedding scene? it was great).

I could see bringing just Will in for maybe one episode or something. But as a regular - it just doesn’t make sense to me. Certainly not with Ana involved. She has to show up at some point - and if he’s around long enough to be a regular, by rights she should be there too. There are probably a couple of ways they could make it work with her only showing up relatively briefly, but I’d rather have her and Will together, and anything involving extended Will but little Ana would mean they are physically separated somehow and she can’t come after him. There’s no way she’d just step back from all the action otherwise.

If it’s done well, I won’t mind Will being on the show at all. But I just think it’s completely unnecessary for the character and I worry that it won’t be handled properly. Not too worried, I have faith in A&E, but… yeah, still a little concerned.